Toronto Partnership Minyan Membership Policy


The Torah speaks of two types of donations to the Mishkan. There is the hatzi shekel, a basic amount required by all, irrespective of circumstance, to donate and thereby be counted as a full member of the community. There is also nediv leiv, a voluntary contribution to be given if the opportunity and desire so inspires the individual. TPM’s approach to membership takes into account the values of inclusivity and generosity.

We ask that our members consider:

1. Annual dues of $36 per adult member

This amount is purposely low to enable as many participants as possible to comfortably pay membership dues. However, no one will be denied membership because of inability to pay. (Please contact the TPM President at to facilitate membership for people who have difficulty contributing the annual dues. Please note that all conversations will be kept in the strictest confidence. )

2. Voluntary monetary donation in addition to annual dues

We encourage members to donate beyond annual dues. This amount can be directed to a specific minyan or to the organization as a whole to support kiddushim, special events, guest speakers, rent, insurance dues, support staff, and much more.

3. Donation of talent, skills and time

TPM remains a volunteer run organization. We rely on our members’ active participation in the running of the minyanim. In other words, we need you! Donation of time and skills are valued as much as financial contributions.

The Benefits of Membership:

  • A vibrant prayer community with four locations across the GTA.
  • Shabbat and community-wide holiday services.
  • Creative, intentional childcare programming.
  • A vote on AGM resolutions.
  • A voice in the organization.
  • A place to celebrate your semachot, including bnot and bnei mitzvah, aufrufs, weddings (subject to TPM Simcha policy)
  • Access to an amazing community of teachers and learners