Welcome to TPM!

The Toronto Partnership Minyan was founded by a diverse group in Toronto who saw a need for a new form of spiritual practice in the Toronto area.

We are a lay-led, all-volunteer group who began praying together, and have now established the Toronto Partnership Minyan as a not-for-profit corporation in the province of Ontario.

We are privileged to have Rabbi Martin Lockshin serve as the Halachic Advisor and Rabbi in our community.

Our Mission:

Our community strives to set in motion a shift towards greater spirituality and openness, within the confines of halachah, in the modern Orthodox/observant Jewish community in the Greater Toronto Area, through participatory prayer, study and other aspects of communal religious life. Our community follows the approach of those Orthodox rabbis who have argued that the dignity of human beings (kevod ha-beriyot) is a crucial halachic value that permits us, and in fact obligates us, to expand the roles of women, particularly in the area of Torah reading and aliyot.

TPM Board

President: Rachel Cousineau

Vice President: Anna Urowitz-Freudenstein

Treasurer: Avi Lipman

Arielle Berger, Karen Held, Esther Katz, Tamara Katz, Joanna Sasson-Morrison, Nadav Sharon

We are always looking for new voices - please be in touch with torontopartnershipminyan@gmail.com if you would like to contribute.